The Problem:

Running a dairy operation, producing wine and processing other food and beverage products generates a tremendous amount of wastewater. Treating this water through a municipality or re-applying it to land includes a plethora of costs and regulations. This effluent, now with solids, nitrogen, salts and other waste is a costly liability. It can literally be an asset though after Bennett Environmental applies its toolbox of technologies to clean and re-use the water, while generating valuable and sustainable energy in the process.


The Challenge:

In addition to the current financial liability, the types of operations mentioned above face the following additional challenges and needs regarding proposed wastewater solutions:

Clean Water

Sustainable Energy Production

Smaller Footprint

Lower total-cost Solution


The Solutions:

Exclusive technologies in our toolbox are described below:
  1. Agrobics- An anaerobic digestion technology that is well suited to food processing wastewater (low TSS, high BOD/COD). It’s basically a proprietary variation on the classic UASB technology, which is featured in Aquanos’ first phase below.
  2. Aquanos- A modular and scalable technology featuring anaerobic digestion (first phase) plus aerobic (optional second phase). The anaerobic first phase is a classic Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB). The second phase is a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) coupled with algae raceways which supply aerobic bacteria with oxygen via algae. This is the really novel part of the Aquanos technology, in that we can provide highly treated water very cost effectively, as the algae is basically solar powered (photosynthesis converts CO2 to O2).

We offer several additional solutions to help conserve water (like precision drip irrigation), manage salts and reduce nitrogen (like Capacitive Deionization and Reverse Osmosis technologies).

Solution Benefits:

Bennett Environmental offers more affordable and compact water treatment solutions that reduce pollutants and greenhouse gasses while capturing Biogas for energy.

Clean Water

Energy Production

Smaller Footprints

Lower Overall Cost Solutions