According to the California Water Boards’ website, elevated salinity and nitrates in groundwater are increasing problems affecting much of California, other western states, and arid regions throughout the world. In California, The Salt and Nitrate Management Plan and corresponding basin plan amendments are currently going through the State Water Board adoption process and will be followed with the California Office of Administrative Law and EPA adoption processes. The sense of urgency is now heightened.

The first step in dealing with salts is getting the organics out of the way. The traditional way to remove salts has been via reverse osmosis (RO), a membrane technology. For RO to be effective, wastewater needs to be very clean so that the fine membranes don’t get plugged up or fouled.  As a first step, Bennett Environmental technologies can clean the water so that salts can be addressed. Then we can apply either RO or other innovative and potentially less expensive deionization technologies in our toolbox depending on the application.