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Moving Businesses to Sustainability

Bennett Environmental has an exclusive toolbox of super-innovative technologies that enable companies to rapidly and efficiently treat wastewater, conserve and re-use water in their business to increase yields and profits, obtain grants and favorable status in their communities and to create, renewable natural gas and electricity from manure and effluent.

A Toolbox of Solutions

Most companies helping dairies and food processors with wastewater treatment can only assist with one or two environmental processes. For example, a covered lagoon digester or power generated from biogas. The Bennett difference is that we look at your farm, ranch, winery, or food processing plant holistically. That means our engineers can both assess and implement sustainable technologies across the entire spectrum; like growing more crops with less water and land, generating either clean electricity or renewable natural gas from wastewater, reducing nitrogen and solids naturally, or managing salt. And we do all this while engineering ways to recycle water back into your operation or field or dramatically reducing wastewater discharge costs.


Today's Dairies and Food Processors Face These Challenges


Compliance is Costly

Untapped or Scarce Resources

Space and Land Optimization

Utilities are Expensive


Solutions that are Proven

Bennett Environmental is an important resource because our parent company has been a leader in water conservation and precision drip irrigation with many of these same businesses for over 88 years, and because our engineers and solutions handle all of the "Big 4" relevant water and air impacts; groundwater regulation (SGMA), nitrogen, salt and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. We have also partnered exclusively with several groundbreaking and well-established water technology companies in Israel and with the Israel-USA Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation. Israel is well known as the innovation leader in conserving, cleaning and reusing water with proven results on projects worldwide.


Groundwater Regulations (SGMA)

Nitrogen Reduction

Salt Reduction

Greenhouse Gases


Applications by Vertical


Dairies and Feedlots

Food Processors

Food Processors

Wine Processors